About Us

“To intrigue is to unapologetically showcase the one thing everybody else is not…you!” – HIDEF PIXEL
As an nationally acclaimed photographer obsessed with capturing breathtaking moments destined to break the net while obliterating the headboards where conventional and predictable visual imagery lay – I was driven on an artistic quest to uncover “the secret.”
What’s the ultimate secret to nailing a sexy bodacious AF photo?
What’s the most mesmerizing optical draw that centers all human attention - so spellbinding we can’t take our eyes, hands, or lips off of it?
What was my most profound career discovery after over half a million images were captured, from national beauty brand campaigns to YOLO birthday shoots in birthday suits?
I discovered the secret is…
SKIN! Highlighting the SKIN!
SKIN is the main attraction and secret law of attraction for our most coveted sculptures, photos, and even our most intimate life adventures.
We crave bold and beautiful SKIN. Our SKIN is our most authentic expression of art in its most unapologetic form.
SKIN.ART is an aspirational skincare brand that finds fascination in all diverse tones, complexions, texture, curves, freckles, demarcations, tattoos, and piercings representing any and every form of SKIN | ART on the planet.
SKIN- ART products are high quality, Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, and some are CBD-based – providing naturally invigorating therapeutic benefits.
SKIN.ART is essentially your skin’s health and beauty primer to create a sexy and bodacious AF masterpiece…. boldly unveiled when you play outside the box and concoct the wildest fantasies, all within your SKIN!